~ Pony Town is for socializing ~

Pony Town is a social game! There's not much else to do other than talking to people. So if you're shy, then good luck finding other ways to enjoy the game! But if you want to socialize, here are some mini-games and role-plays that can bring people together!

All info here is from my (Heart's) observations from the PG server only.

~ PT terminology ~

PT lingo you might not be familiar with

~ How to host a PI role-play/mini-game? ~

  1. Ready a Party Island Map for your role-play or mini-game. There are many types of role-plays and mini-games, all with their own designated builds/structures. This is totally optional, but HIGHLY recommended (in fact mandatory, in order to give your players a good impression of you so that they'd stay) if you want to role-play with strangers. This is where you have to let your PI building skills shine

  2. PI is ready? Next, sit at a crowded area and advertise. Spawn is the best place to advertise for non-fandom role-plays. I don't recommend advertising at Docks, since little kids and weirdos might join. To advertise, you gotta say something like "boop/whis for [name of role-play/mini-game]!". Also, wear a pretty, colorful avatar to get people to look at you.

  3. Then when people boop you, invite then to a Party by clicking the dropdown on their profile then click "Add to party". Keep adding people until you think it's enough.

  4. Most importantly, be chill and don't be shy! The Host is responsible for keeping the conversation, game, or role-play going. Definitely DO NOT talk in staccato chat bubbles*! It's SOOOO annoying especially when the Host does it! (Actually, don't do it in general!)

    *"Staccato bubbles" is a term I made up for an action where a player would constantly hide their chat bubbles by typing a period or "." immediately after sending a message, and people would have to look at the chatlog to see what they said.

  5. Do not waste your attendants' time. Only host PI activities when you are sure you have free time. Imagine this, you waited about 30 mins for the Host to gather enough people for the RP/MG, then, as soon as it starts, the Host is suddenly all like, "oops! me got homework. bye byeeee". Try not to keep everyone waiting as well, as it's extremely un-courteous. Reprimand or kick any member who have bad attitudes or are purposely messing up the RP/MG.

  6. Something you should know as a host: it isn't entirely your fault when an RP flops. 80% of the time, an RP flops because the attendees are too shy to talk, or are boring and uncreative af. Still, RP/MGs are fun, and don't be afraid to host one (or join one) if you have free time.

~ Fandom areas ~

Fandom areas are areas where fans of the similar media gather and hang out! You can recognize a fandom territory by observing the people who sit by it. See a bunch of Persona pony cosplayers? That's right, that's the Persona area! (this is just an example, there is no Persona fandom area in the PG server as of now...) This is also the easiest way to socialize cuz everyone in the fandom areas have the same interest as you, given that you sit in the fandom you're in!

Fandom areas are constantly changing. There are some areas, usually the big fandoms, that last for years. While there are also some areas that last for a few months/weeks, and some lasting a single day. The areas are not active 24/7 due to timezones.

In fandom areas, one of the things you could do is start short, quick, illiterate public role-plays! Let's say you are cosplaying a character, and you see another player who is cosplaying the character you ship yours with. You can then check their profile and see their name, if it says "any int" or "[your character] int". If it does, then go! Say "hi darling~" and do the kiss emote on them if you want. You can like, totally skip the name checking and just go ahead and interact with them, but make sure to say sorry and not bother them anymore if they didn't like your advances!

Pony Town PG server fandom map (partial) as of 10-31-21
(based on Heart's knowledge)(right click + open in new tab)


This PT map is outdated (before v0.85.0) and not the full map. As you can see, I had to block them out myself (the Bakery and the Marketplace, which I forgot)

Click here for the full, still outdated map

More coming! Last updated: 10-31-21