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version 1: debut - 7/6/21

- Just discovered Neocities, noob html/css, unplanned code/no organization. Yeah... It's ugly but it has it's charm I think :P

version 2: pink kingdom - 7/20/21

- Wanted to make my website look bigger, kind of had a "castle" inspired layout idea. I think it's pretty decent

version 3: pink gloss - 9/1/21

- Wanted to make my website look smaller, had this "computer"-y inspired layout with the gradient title/labels and windows. I really liked this one :P

version 4: red+black gothic - 10/6/21 (current)

- Started liking red more than pink. Wanted to have a "flushed"(?)/compact layout, inspired by koinuko's previous layout (the lavender one aka the first one I think). It looks more 90s (I think?)