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HELLO PEOPLE!!! You've found my ramblings dump! Here you can find me being silly and talking about stuff that I love and stuff that I hate via the beautiful art medium of Internet pages hosted on!!!

Every page on this site was coded with my own two hands and my heart and my brain! ...Don't steal my layouts and aesthetic!! If you want to take inspiration from me then make sure it looks original and not obviously inspired by my website. I don't want any copycats, mrow..

Of course like every Neocities user here, ~I don't like those big social medias~ You've heard it time and time again and I may sound like some old person but these social medias really are rotting our brains.. whatever I don't want to get too babble-y here anyway I'm really cool B) I like dolls actually I MAY be a doll actually who knows, anyway..

enjoy exploring!

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Happy 143!

May 12, 2022

4/21/22: 72,127 views and 132 followers! I think I'm thankful! But that's scary you know! Here's my guestbook...

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Also!! By the time I write this (Dec. 12, 2021) I have 25.6k views and 73 followers??? damn... that's like, a lot! Ah! Uh um... th-thank y-you..~ *shyly blushes and looks away shyly and also runs away!!!* >////<

1/21/22 update: ummmm 40.3k views and 98 followers? *raises eyebrow* alright then... I appreciate it!

3/25/22: 63,908 views, 120 followers, and I'm on the 3rd page of Most followed websites on Neocities??? Why... thank you everyone :P


GNC character of the week (until I find another or get tired of him)

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  • I built this site while undergoing different states of mind (as people do) so stuff I said one time might contradict stuff I said the other time, meow :3

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WAAHAHHHHH THAAAAAANKS Aisha foxfable for this super cute Christmas gift!!!!!!!! (Dec. 18 or 19, 2021 ~~)