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~ Welcome, welcome! to my kingdom of red! ~

HELLO PEOPLE!!! You've found my ramblings dump! Here you can find me being silly and talking about stuff that I love and stuff that I hate via the beautiful art medium of Internet pages hosted on!!!

Every page on this site was coded with my own two hands and my heart and my brain! ...Don't steal my layouts and aesthetic!! If you want to take inspiration from me then make sure to give it some original twist and make it not obviously inspired by my website. I don't want any copycats, mrow..

Also please don't share my website on social media for everyone to see!!! and DON'T call it "webcore scenecore vampcore" or whatever (vampcore?! wtf?? anyone who says my aesthetic is vampcore is dumb there are no vampires on my website)(Update: there are now at least 2 vampires on my site, but still DON'T CALL IT VAMPCORE!!!). Asking permission is always appreciated!

Of course like every Neocities user here, ~I don't like those big social medias~ You've heard it time and time again and I may sound like some old person but these social medias really are rotting our brains.. whatever I don't want to get too babble-y here. Obligatory Web3 shaming paragraph on the homepage, done.

enjoy exploring!

Website status:

On hiatus!

Only My Room updates~

~ *kawaiily smashes your forehead* you're blessed now,
remember to thank me >w< ~

// Site notes! //
  • Meant to be viewed on a computer or laptop! But many pages are mobile responsive
  • Definitely works for Firefox and Chrome (though some scrollbars on certain pages may look ugly on Chrome, but other than that them I'm sure everything's fine) My site is not tested for the other browsers
  • Site may contain not safe for work or sensitive content! I put warnings most of the time
  • This site and its pages will never be "finished". Somethings are abandoned or left outdated!

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GNC character of the whenever IS CRESS POKEMON everyone appreciate him NOW!!!

Site status

(November 25, 2022) No way?! The last major update was in July!! Well whatever.. It's been a really long hiatus huh.. But this personal website is not abandoned!! Do know that I update My Room once in a while!! I just don't list it in the Update log. I'm going to note this in the Update log now!!! (Headline: local entity disables profile, then is worried about people not seeing its work)

(October 10, 2022) Updated the homepage and my room. My mental climate has changed again, so some content is reworded to be less.. "cringe" (no offense to my past self that wrote it. I'm betting that I'll be back to my cringetalking after a couple months.) (But the kawaii forehead bonk on the homepage will be there FOREVER.)

(September 26, 2022) It's about time I change the featured character :3 Vampy wins 2nd place today

(September 11, 2022) I will be revamping my crochet blog soon.

(July 12, 2022) Hi! So sorry, I missed Heartspace's 1st birthday! I got sick. I had something in the works for the birthday but now I don't really want to work on it anymore. Neither do I want to work on the 143 site award! That sucks! So sorry, but there's nothing much you and I can do about it. Given that I'm also trying to limit my computer usage time, I'll just do whatever I want now! And I put a little marquee on the homepage for the anniversary; it'll have to do

(June 20, 2022) It's June 20! As of right now I still have 1 more thing to do for school! I'll finish it, then I can disintegrate. I haven't updated in a really long while (I think I'm a bit stuck, I have no new ideas) and I just wanted to, so here's an update. By the way, I don't think I will ever turn on my Neocities site profile ever again! I don't want to get any more followers, and if anyone wants to contact me, they'd have to e-mail me or find my Discord!

(May 31, 2022) hullo! like the new box? I'll ramble about the site sometimes in here~ I just re-opened access to a bunch of my site's old shrine pages. I think they're too pretty to be deleted or something. Also, the 143 site award won't be arriving until after June 17! Sorrey, too busy! Until then my site profile will be disabled and my follower count will be freezed at 143!~ (*record scratch* if you know, you know) Heartspace is on the 2nd page of Neocities' most followed and my site views increase by a thousand per day, like wut the hell??! That's insane! Hope that people know that I'm just some ordinary chumbo! That said, I'll see you soon~ muuuahhhhh!~~~

(Mar. 25, 2022) 63,908 views, 120 followers, and I'm on the 3rd page of Most followed websites on Neocities??? Why... thank you everyone :P

(Jan. 21, 2022) ummmm 40.3k views and 98 followers? *raises eyebrow* alright then... I appreciate it!

(Dec. 12, 2021) By the time I write this I have 25.6k views and 73 followers??? damn... that's like, a lot! Ah! Uh um... th-thank y-you..~ *shyly blushes and looks away shyly and also runs away!!!* >////<

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WAAHAHHHHH THAAAAAANKS Aisha foxfable for this super cute Christmas gift!!!!!!!! (Dec. 18 or 19, 2021 ~~)