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Welcome to my mind (or heart?)— my personal website! ^_^ In here you'll find a whole lotta silly junk about me, what I love, what I hate, and what I care about, all delivered through the wonderful and liberating medium of amateur HTML and CSS!

Please have fun clicking around. I hope you find something enjoyable in your venture (or not!)

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Update Log

(13 June 2024) thirteen: louder (open)
  • landing page: updated screen responsiveness rating
  • general:
    • disabled my Neocities profile! Just how it should be!
    • the <marquee> tag has been deprecated by Firefox; marquee tags are slowly being converted to CSS animations
    • made tinypolkadot tile bigger
  • vena cava:
    • updated the site notes
    • added telltale, accessible from below the featured column
  • atrium: updated and added things
  • ventricle: changed the layout a bit

Site notes

(lu: 13 June 2024)

  • This site is not permanent. It is never finished. The webmaster is ever-changing.
  • Maintaining an RSS feed will be too much of a hassle. Please feel free to use Neocities' auto-generated RSS feed.
  • You may contact the webmaster through my e-mail patchworkmannequin@gmail.com
  • Fun fact: the links to this site's pages subpages are named after parts of the heart. Atrium, ventricle, aorta, and arteries are all part of the right chambers of the heart, but not vena cava, which belongs to the left chambers. The correct counterparts are the pulmonary veins but "vena cava" sounds way cooler hence the choice.
  • Site Legend:
    • "lu" means "last updated on" – it refers to the date when a page or a section had last been updated or pushed live.
    • "cr" means "created/written on" – it refers to the date when a page or a section had been written.
    • "(⧉)" means "see more" – it indicates that there is more to see; it opens a page in a new tab


(lu: 08 May 2024)

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