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Welcome to my mind (or heart?)— my personal website! ^_^ In here you'll find a whole lotta silly junk about me, what I love, what I hate, and what I care about, all delivered through the wonderful and liberating medium of amateur HTML and CSS!

Please have fun clicking around. I hope you find something enjoyable in your venture (or not!)

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Update Log

(4 Dec, 2023) eight: two new media log entries: finished Monster and watching Astro Boy (2009) (open)
  • media log: yeah so I needed my thoughts on Monster to simmer a bit more hence the sudden stop in an update streak -w- meanwhile I'm trying to get into more of Tezuka's works

Site notes

  • This site is not permanent. It is never finished. The webmaster is ever-changing.
  • Fun fact: this site is themed around the heart (body part), particularly the right chambers. The names for my site's pages, atrium, ventricle, aorta, and arteries all fit the theme except for vena cava. The vena cavae belong to the left chambers of the heart. The right counterparts are the pulmonary veins but "vena cava" sounds way cooler lel
  • The update log on the Homepage lists all updates except for telltale entries.
  • The RSS feed (made inaccessible as of 2 Nov, 2023) lists all updates except for minor website tweaks.
  • You may contact me through my e-mail patchworkmannequin@proton.me (from which you may ask me for my Discord tag)


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